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Jim Loveno Speaks to Students - Temporary

Kyle Beaton
Jim Loveno Presentation

Feb. 12, 2008 – Jim Loveno, online editor for News4 Washington, met with the George Mason students enrolled in Online Journalism yesterday. Along with Professor Steve Klein, Loveno introduced the students to the revamped NBC4 Web site in addition to his background.

The Web Site

Loveno, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, explained to the students the new setup. He emphasized the missing “smiling personalities” that once adorned the top of the page. Replacing the personalities was an interactive display window. The display was intentionally modeled after that of the display browser in iTunes. The display allows readers to scroll through stories and images.

Additionally, Loveno explained the change in philosophy that came with the new website. Where once the Web site simply rehashed stories from the broadcast, posts content a viewer may not see on TV. The content had more “snarkiness” as Loveno put it.

Loveno also mentioned that the basic design of the new NBC Web site is in use by several other cities, including Chicago. The design, he revealed, was also color coded, corresponding to the colors of NBC’s mascot, the Peacock.

Personal History

Nearing the end of the class, Loveno dove into his background. Loveno began as a sports editor for The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s own newspaper. Loveno continued to focus on sports after college, working in Pittsburgh. During this time, the internet was starting to grow. Loveno and two friends started up a hockey Web site, LCS Hockey.

Originally little more than a newsletter, LCS Hockey grew. Loveno likened the Web site to The Daily Show in that it had actual news but also had “smartass comments” and was “snarky,” a trend he would later bring to

Three years ago, Loveno made his way to the Washington, D.C. area to work with the local NBC affiliate.

“Become as experienced as you can in all sorts of forms,” Loveno said near the end of his presentation, advising the students of how to prepare for the journalism world at large.

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